our activities

Our regular activities:

  • We TEACH our children every weekend at Teflas building, in JNU Campus –  Thursday to Sunday, from 4 pm to 5.30 pm. Some of our volunteers are there to strengthen the children’s knowledge in basic subject such as: Hindi, Mathematics and English. At the same time, their young brothers and sisters are kept busy with some drawings and other creative activities;
  • We OFFER to our children very often extra-curicular classes of all kinds, from dance classes, to art & crafts workshops, to simply movie watching or storytelling;
  • We PROVIDE regularly school bus, which every day comes to pick children up, drops them to the nearby school in Ber Saraj and then brings them back home at the end of the school day;
  • We TAKE CARE of health condition of our children and their families. On a regular basis we take small groups of them to the dentist for check-up and eventually for treatment;
  • We PARTICIPATE every year in the JNU International Food Festival organized by the International Students’ Association on Campus on the Republic Day. We are always there with our stall full of home-made Unnoticed volunteers’ food. We sell it, along with some works created by the children during their workshops, to raise funds for our activities. The Festival is also a good networking opportunity for us: we need to show the new students our activities and recruit new volunteers every year!

Apart from the work in education WE ORGANISE regular medical campaigns, mainly vaccinations that these children would otherwise not receive, and try to make them benefit from the various programs that are meant for children like them but without a mediator very often don’t reach them.

WE INVITE YOU to work with US! With your help we will able to ACHIEVE MORE & MORE!